11th Sept 2013

It's free! Limited seats available.

  Welcome to Singapore Polytechnic's
4th Design Thinking Summit 2013

Last year, over 500 participants joined our summit where our speakers shared how design thinking can be used as a methodology to solve social innovation issues in areas of Active Ageing, Environment, Healthcare and Social Integration.

This year’s summit themed "Unlocking Sense & Sensibility"
gives focus to the 1st stage of SP’s Design Thinking Framework, which is about developing this frame of mind of being able to see and think from a multitude of perspectives and be sensitive to the everyday things around each of us.

SP Design Thinking Framework

Good Design Thinking begins with open eyes and open minds. It originates from a mind that looks, sees and thinks, and culminates in work that is thoughtful, functional and meaningful. Come and listen to our two distinguished keynote speakers as they share their thoughts and insights on developing the Sense & Sensibility skill sets in education as well as industry. 

Our keynote speakers are:

Professor Masayo Ave
, Guest Professor of Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee and Founder of Haptic Interface Design Insititue, and

Ms Cecilia Chua
, Director at the Accenture Management Consulting Innovation Center.

Seats are limited so register now! Registration will be closed on 28th August 2013.
  Who should attend this summit:

  1. Educators who wish to broaden students' thinking and mindset.

2. Public sector officers who wish to understand the impact of developing design sensibility in their

3. Members of the public who like to learn more about design thinking.

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